To Catch a Predator…

To Catch a Predator…

I am twin. Because twins are very time-consuming for a parents, my parentals waited six years before having my little brother. The sizable difference in age between my brother and I has always caused our relationship to be a bit strained. When I was in high school he wasn’t even in middle school yet. As I enter my senior year of college, my little brother is entering his sophomore year in high school. Now, for some strange reason his teenie-bopper friends feel compelled to Facebook friend me. I don’t mind. I like to think it’s because I’m the ‘cool older sister’ and so I accept their friend requests and immediately forget who they are. But then it happens… out of the blue I’ll get a friend request from one of my little brother’s lady friends and…BAM! I have 15-year-old cleavage in my face. For some strange reason, high school girls feel inclined to have playboy-esque profile photos. Now, you can do whatever you want with your Facebook, body, etc (though I still disapprove) but a 15-year-old girl should not be posting photos like that online! Every time I get a friend request from these little girls I feel like the host from To Catch a Predator (Dateline NBC) is going to pop up behind me with a full-fledged camera crew and bust me for child pornography! I may get off easy due to my gender but what if a 40-year-old man accidentally stumbled upon their profile? what if MY dad got a Facebook and one of these girls friend requested him? He could serve 20-30 years in prison and be the newest addition to the national sex offender registry. Not cool Pre-teen Barbie, not cool.

Here is what I say to you pre-pubescent courtesans: it is not cute to flash what you hope willsomeday become breasts in the faces of unsuspecting Facebook users. You are not making yourselves look hot or more attractive to the pre-pubescent boys in your class. Respect yourselves a bit more.

One thought on “To Catch a Predator…

  1. actually they have already reached puberty. in the “old days” these teens would be marrying and having babies. unfortunate that all of this public display of body parts is wasted and misused don’t you think.?
    also, the parents should be monitoring their kids stuff. parents are not friends at this age.

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