“I’m fine, thanks.”

“I’m fine, thanks.”

Ever since I turned 21, people have been pressuring me to drink. I politely decline which is always followed by the want for an explanation. I sweetly reply saying that I don’t drink which is followed by guffaw or shock. For some reason, people cannot fathom that someone wouldn’t want to consume alcohol. I usually explain how alcoholism runs in my family or how I just don’t like it or want to, blah blah blah. However, this isn’t a sufficient excuse. I am repeatedly asked, “Have you ever TRIED beer/wine/a margarita?” or  told “You just haven’t had anything good” or “You’ll love the drink I make”. In an attempt to further explain my distaste for the hard stuff I’ll even explain how I don’t like to feel out of control of my body or joke about how I’d make a horrible drunk. Without fail I will always get the response, “Thats because you’ve never been drunk, ITS AWESOME.” Seriously? What can I say or do to fully explain to you that I do not plan on drinking with you tonight or in the near future? How hard is it to understand that I don’t need to drink to have fun. I’ve even had adults, including employers, try to get me to drink. I don’t need to drink to be social, feel accepted, fit in, or enjoy myself. I am perfectly content with a Diet Coke or a water. I do not mind people drinking in front of me (as long as they are of age). I do not mind going and sitting at a bar with friend and you are more than welcome to pour yourself a glass of wine while we chat. But why do you feel the need to pressure me into drinking with you?

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