Off the Bone BBQ

Off the Bone BBQ

I’m picky with BBQ. It’s got to be legit for me to deem it worthy. I’ve had my fare share of bad BBQ restaurant experiences (including one place in New Mexico that used soy sauce in EVERYTHING. So gross.) so when I find a new BBQ place, I’m a bit skeptical. My boss took me down to Off the Bone BBQ last week and I was expecting just your everyday run-of-the-mill BBQ: ribs, pulled pork, potato salad, beans, the whole nine yards. But this place is not your stereotypical BBQ joint. Yes, they offer your classic BBQ favorites, however, they put their own twist on them. Their offers honey-spiced baked beans, boneless baby back rib tacos, spiced pasta salad, and (my personal fav) summer cool cole slaw which is made with bacon and blue cheese! SO GOOD. I also had their smoked chicken that melted in my mouth. Every meal comes with a onion and sweet pickle garnish which is just plain awesome.

The restaurant is off of S. Lamar right down the street from the Dallas Police Headquarters, just in case you fear the less traveled areas of Dallas. The concept comes from the mind of Dwight Harvey, an award-winning chef who became memorable because of his catering experiences. The store-front itself has a clean, modern design featuring large floor-to-ceiling windows that make the dining area seem much bigger and more open than it is.

The staff is friendly and the food is reasonable. PLUS, if you are going their for the first time, let them know! They’ll give you a free baby back rib to try.

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