Southpaw’s Organic Grill

Southpaw’s Organic Grill

I got the chance to visit a restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. On my way to and from my internship last summer, I would always pass “Southpaw’s” and wonder, “is that a restaurant or a animal clinic?”. Turns out it’s a a really good restaurant serving creative, fresh, and healthy food. The concept from started by Reza Anvarian who was born in Azerbaijan. He moved to the States, became a champion boxer, and decided to open a restaurant, opening Southpaw’s Organic Cafe’ in Preston center (and that’s the short story). He later teamed up with TJ Frank, a frat brother of my boss, and opened another Southpaw’s in Uptown. The concept is simple: serve good, organic, and healthy food without added sugars, syrups, nitrates, or preservatives. The atmosphere is friendly and CLEAN. A lot of stainless steel and deep reds make the space very cool and very comfortable. The menus differ slightly between locations (The one in uptown in a “grill” while the one in Preston center is considered a “cafe”) and everything is pretty darn good. What I like most about the menu is that there are no surprises. The descriptions of the menu items leave no room for imagination and tell you like it is. No guessing. They have some killer smoothies with additive options for energy, detox, or weight loss. They also have a whole section for gourmet grilled cheeses (like the “Toastie Nut”, which features melted gouda cheese and pecans) as well as gourmet PB&J’s (like the “Soopaman”, featuring PBJ with vanilla-almond granola, sliced bananas, and agave nector). They have  large selection of signature salads, entrees, and sandwichs, and burgers, as well a a customizable sandwich menu. When I went I ordered the Chicken ‘n; Tabbouleg pita sandwich. It was light and delicious but what I liked most about my meal was the side. Instead of the usual side of fries or chips you would get at any other restaurant,  at Southpaw’s you get a good-sized helping of freshly cut fruit. I was greeted by the freshest pear slices I’ve had in a long time. They are also pretty affordable considering the quality and location and promise a healthy (as in the “appropriate amount of food”, not “super large”, sorry boys!)portion size. Not to mention, they deliver (locally)! I highly recommend checking this place out. Just make sure to go for breakfast or lunch, because Southpaw’s is closed for dinner.

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