Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

As I’ve gotten older, I have begun to realize that life is kind of like a road trip. We are all driving down the road toward our ultimate destination: God’s plan for us. Like most road trips, its a long journey. For some of us its a family road trip, full of people who care about you but can get annoying after the nth rendition of “She’ll be Coming ‘Round The Mountain”. Never the less, God has given us family, or your college roommate, or the nameless “road trip buddy” to help us as we speed toward our destination. For others, we may be making the long haul alone. Our cars may look different, just like our lives. Some may be blessed with an escalade while others are hitchhiking their way. Either way, God has given us great directions (AKA the Bible) to help us get where we’re going. And like most situations, it is important (and necessary) to ask for directions if you get lost. I don’t know how many times I’ve needed 3rd party advice on decisions I needed to make. There is no shame is taking a pit stop now and again to refresh, refuel, and rethink your path. Always makes sure you’ve got either trustworthy passengers with you or trustworthy gas station attendants.

Now, I’m always trying to figure out exactly what God is thinking (I should really just stop trying and start trusting… working on that). I’ve devised a couple sure-fire tips for reading God’s mind while your on “Life’s Road Trip”:

  1. When God gives you a road block, He is saying their is a better way to get to where you’re going. Either you were headed down the wrong road completely or God knows there is a better route.
  2. When God gives you traffic, He is telling you to be patient. Enjoy the view. You’ll get there eventually.
  3. When God gives you a flat tire, He is giving you an opportunity to call on Him for assistance. Think of it as an opportunity to better equip yourself for the days to come.
  4. Lastly, singing makes the trip go by faster. We’ve been given this life for a reason. Each person has a purpose even though we may not not what that purpose is. But if you take the time to thank the Lord for your blessings, and even your curses, Life becomes more enjoyable. Whether you worship God through song, through art, or through business, use your talents to show your thankfulness and others His glory.

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