Blessed Assurance

Blessed Assurance

My favorite part about trusting God, as scary as it is, is being able to look back and see how the pieces fall together. Being able to see that all those moments of doubt and waiting were not in vain. That the timing was indeed perfect. You couldn’t have planned it better yourself. My life has been a series of the same pattern: I don’t know where I’m going, I wait in anxiousness and then, the moment I give it to God, and I mean really give it to Him, He makes his plan known. Then I’m able to see how that awkward and stressful waiting period was all worth it. It made me appreciate what I Had. What He had already given me. In this state of limbo, I am reminded that we were not meant for this world. This is not our home. And in that realization, I find a kind of peace. Everything is so important and so trivial all at once. Between all the decisions we have to make, the problems we face, the people we meet, the people we lose, the silly moments and the sad, there is a knowledge that nothing is meaningless. Everything has it’s purpose.

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