Feeling Inadequate

Feeling Inadequate

For those of you who don’t know, I started a new job. A fancy one at that. I was hired by Ernst & Young to do transaction real estate advisory. I was even hired as an “experienced hire” due to the fact I was employed for 5 months somewhere else. Well, I don’t feel experienced and, to be honest, I feel completely out of my depth. Not only is the work a lot more challenging than my old job, but the company itself is a whole lot more complex. I’ve done 6 days of training (and 3 more days to go!) just to understand the ins and outs of what this company (and myself) actually does. I’ve also had to play catch up to try to make up for my shaky foundation of financial concepts which has my head spinning. I’ve been to Chicago and Houston in less than two weeks and have been introduced to the company credit card, expense accounts, and hotel rewards programs. So far I love it but I’d have to say I feel completely inadequate for my role. I feel too young, too inexperienced, too conservative, and too involved. As I try to get a hold of everything going on around me, I realize that it’s okay to feel inadequate. I am flawed and that’s ok. Despite my imperfections, God has put me where I am for a very specific reason. All I have to do is breathe, do my best at my job, and love others toward Christ. God is the one who completes me. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). And what a relief to know that God has no dress code. You can come to Him with shine-less shoes and He won’t love you any less. You don’t have deadlines. God’s timing is perfect. And God will never give you a pink slip. He’ll never leave our side.

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