A Day in Esther: Chapter 7

A Day in Esther: Chapter 7


Key Verses:

10 …So they hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then the wrath of the king abated.

Central Truth:

Though we deserve to be hanged on the gallows for our crimes against the King of Kings, Jesus, God’s only son, took our place and died for our sins (John 3:16).

In Chapter 7, Esther reveals Haman’s plot to kill the Jews and the King is furious. He sentences Haman to be hung on the very gallows that he had set aside for Mordecai. It is always great when you get to the part of the story where the bad guy loses and good triumphs over evil. However, we forget that ever day we sin against the King of Kings, our Heavenly Father. We betray Him, we mock Him, we doubt Him, we anger Him, we forget Him, we lie, we cheat, we steal, we gossip, we fight, we get angry, we are disrespectful, rude, stubborn, prideful, lusting, purging, obsessing…. the list goes on and on. And instead of sentencing us to death, which is what we truly deserve. He sent His one and only son to die instead, giving all of us a clean slate. FOREVER. The wrath of God was abated because Jesus sacrificed himself to die an unbearable and humiliating death. How awesome is that? Let us be reminded of the greatest act of love the world has ever seen and thank Him this morning.

Today’s Prayer:

Lord, you are a loving and merciful King. You see me at my worst but see me as Yours. I fail daily, Lord, and I am constantly making mistakes. Thank you for forgiving me no matter what. AMEN.

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