A Day in Ezra: Chapter 8

A Day in Ezra: Chapter 8


Key Verses:

22 For I was ashamed to ask the king for a band of soldiers and horsemen to protect us against the enemy on our way, since we had told the king, “The hand of our God is for good on all who seek him, and the power of his wrath is against all who forsake him.” 23 So we fasted and implored our God for this, and he listened to our entreaty.

Central Truth:

If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

In Chapter 8, Ezra leads his people to  Jerusalem. The King approved of their journey but the journey would still be a dangerous one. Ezra knew that danger awaited them but was convicted. Why ask for the King’s protection when you already have the King of King’s protection? And so Ezra and his people fasted and prayed to the Lord and the Lord protected them. I found this chapter convicting to me personally. I struggle with control and anxiety, so trusting God is a daily battle for me. Even if I know I am doing what God wants me to do, I am still fearful of the ‘journey’ and try to do everything I can to secure a safe one. This includes stressing out about every detail until I have a panic attack. Chapter 8 teaches us that all we need to do is set our eyes on Christ and He will do the rest of the work. Once we can swallow those words of truth, it is such a relief! We don’t need an army to protect us. We already have the army of the Lord.

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