A Day in Joshua: Chapter 8

A Day in Joshua: Chapter 8

Key Verses:

“At that time Joshua built an altar to the Lord, the God of Israel, on Mount Ebal, just as Moses the servant of the Lord had commanded the people of Israel …” – Joshua 8:30-31

Central Truth:

We should thank the Lord for his blessings for He is faithful.

After the Isrealites were made right with the Lord, God encouraged Joshua and his men to proceed with the destruction of the city of Ai. They killed all the inhabitants and were allowed to plunder the city this time. This is a picture of how God reconciles with us despite our shortcomings and our sin. Matthew Henry explains, “When we have faithfully put away sin, that accursed thing which separates between us and God, then, and not till then, we may look to hear from God to our comfort; and God’s directing us how to go on in our Christian work and warfare, is a good evidence of his being reconciled to us”.  God never left the Isrealites, but he also didn’t let them proceed while still in sin. Once they faced the consequences, he lead them to victory.


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