Ladies, Find Yourself a Joe

Ladies, Find Yourself a Joe

I don’t brag about him enough but I won the marriage lottery when I married Joe. He is funny and caring and godly and not to mention a stone cold fox ;)! Lately, I have been super impressed by how he has stepped up in his role as father. Since the day we got pregnant, he has been incredibly helpful and willing to do anything and everything to help me out. dadDuring my pregnancy, he did his research and was generally interested in the process. At my appointments, the doctor and nurses were regularly surprised by his thoughtful questions about me, the baby, and the pregnancy in general. He came with me to my breastfeeding class and TOOK NOTES which proved to be super helpful when Jake was born. He gave me nightly foot massages when my feet swelled up and talked me off the cliff when the idea of  motherhood seemed too overwhelming. For the birth, I had to have an unplanned c-section which meant Joe had to do double duty. He changed diapers, burped, and basically did everything that I couldn’t do since I was bedridden for 48 hours. When we got home, he continued to wake up with me during nighttime feedings to helpfamily as my incision healed and has continued to get up with me even now and share the burden of sleep deprivation. Now that I am back at work, he is a full time dad and honestly ROCKING AT IT (follow his instagram for some hilarious #daddydaycare posts at @bikecommuterjoe). Even though it’s not the ideal situation for our family, he has stepped up to the plate and filled the stay at home role flawlessly. Jake and I are truly blessed to have him as a husband and father.

I don’t know who would be upset about a father taking care of his kids but this week the internet caught fire due to a comment Piers Morgan tweeted about Daniel Craig (AKA, James Bond) using a “papoose” to carry his newborn daughter:


And THANKFULLY Piers was promptly yelled at by men across of the globe who stood up for 007. I don’t know about you, but I am so glad that men in our society have embraced the wonderful world of Fatherhood. Gone are the days of the 50’s household where parenting was “women’s work”. Fathers are more and more engaged in their children’s lives and well being which is enormously important! I am so thankful that Joe isn’t


emasculated by taking care of his son and, not only willing but actually WANTS a hands on role in his upbringing. Ladies, I highly encourage you to find yourself a Joe or a Daniel Craig. Find yourself a partner who is your teammate when it comes to parenting because it is SOOO hard (though wonderful). Shout out to all those dads out there who wear

“papooses”, burp babies, change diapers, cuddle sick little ones, and make diaper runs. Y’all are great. Keep it up!

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