My Top 5 Mom Tools

My Top 5 Mom Tools

I’ve been a mom for 8.5 months now which means I am absolutely NOT a professional. Most days I am questioning my ability to keep my tiny human alive. However, I have collected a few tools that I feel have been essential to my motherhood journey. And so I give you, in no particular order, my top 5 mom tools:

1. Hairbands (AKA – A Temporary Mom-cut)
Look. Not all of us can pull off a pixie cut but we also can only take our kid pulling/chewing/eating our hair for so long. So for those of us who are actively trying to avoid being mistaken for Kate Gosselin, a pack of run-of-the-mill hairbands are a life saver.



2.  A buff. 

You don’t need to be a Survivor fan to see the many uses for a buff. When our son was still sleeping in our room, we had a nightlight so we could make sure he was still breathing (any other new parents out there constantly check to see if their kid is still alive?). I slept with my buff as a sleep mask which was perfect for nighttime feedings. When it was time to feed Jake, I would push the buff up and it would keep my hair out of my face. Dual purpose, am I right? (*high fives self*)

The sky is really the limit when it comes to practical


uses for a buff:

  • use as a sleep mask
  • hairband
  • burp cloth
  • run out of diapers? got you covered.
  • baby had a blow out and no change of clothes? BOOM.

Ok… so I’ve yet to try the last two so someone try it out and let me know how it goes!


3. Carabiners. 

Parenting is an adventure and as the boy scouts say, “Be prepared”. One of my go-to tools for preparedness is my trusty carabiner. Carabiners aren’t just for rock climbers. Anyone can utilize this simple yet convenient tool and, as parents, having an additional hand is always useful. I keep one on my car keys and have used it so many times when I need some extra help. The trick is to get yourself a hefty one, not that $1 one you got from Wally World. Those break quickly and when dealing with kiddos, the last thing you need is your groceries to fall to the ground while your baby is screaming. So invest in a $5 one from REI and you’ll be good to go.


4. Cloth diapers. 

Now hear me out on this one. I am not advocating cloth diapers for all. They are not for everyone or all lifestyles. However, I do think everyone needs a couple of cloth diapers as back-up. We intermix both cloth and disposable (cloth while at home during the day and disposable while we are out and about as well as at nighttime) but we have always appreciated the fact that we never have to worry about running out of diapers in the middle of the night because we forgot to run to the store earlier that day. We always have a way to keep our baby’s butt covered and dry. Cloth diapers have come a LONG way since we were babies and they are way easier to use than ever before. I definitely recommend making the investment and saving them for a rainy day. They also make good transitional diapers for potty training!



5. A car power converter.

img_0771I’m a working mom and so pumping is part of my regular routine. Due to the nature of my job, I’m in my car A LOT and so my power converter has been worth it’s weight in liquid gold, allowing me to pump on the go. I’ve pumped behind sketchy warehouses, in grocery store parking lots, while driving… you name it, I’ve probably pumped there! PLUS – it works for literally anything with a plug so once I stop pumping, this vital tool will live on for a multitude of uses.


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