SPONSORED: The Super Spoon

SPONSORED: The Super Spoon

We recently were given the opportunity to try “The Super Spoon” from The Evolved Parent Company. This awesome company was founded with a simple mission in mind: to make the lives of parents just a little simpler. Jake is still trying to figure out utensils so I was pumped to try this spoon. This self-feeding spoon has a soft handle and good-sized silicone bowl that allows your kiddo to easily feed himself. I was skeptical at first but turns out, this is the only spoon that Jake has been able to properly use!

First things first: the packaging. Anyone else out there hate when companies require you to have ninja skills to open up the plastic packaging? I have spent hours wrestling with plastic and scissors trying to get things open. Thankfully this product was SUPER easy to open which was very much appreciated by this mamma. The spoons themselves are SUPER soft. The handle is firm but easy to hold and the silicone bowls are flexible and easily to move around a tiny mouth.

The bowl is a decently large sized bowl so this spoon is perfect for yogurt, oatmeal, and eventually soup (when we get brave enough to try!). We used it for steamed veggies, which worked, but since the bowl is so deep, Jake decided to use his hands to get the remnants out of the scoop.  Despite the user error on our part, Jake loved using this spoon. Not only is it a great starter spoon but it also acts as a teether! Which God knows we need right now. After he was finished with his dinner, Jake was happily chomping his gums on the bowl as we cleaned everything up.

You can find The Super Spoon on amazon at www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07RV62PKQ. OR you can buy it straight off The Evolved Parent website and use Promo Code “SUPERLAUNCH” for 50% !

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