How to Get Free Stuff While Pregnant

How to Get Free Stuff While Pregnant

I am no expert at being a mom. By a LONG SHOT. However, I do pride myself on being an expert on frugality and finding free stuff. When I was pregnant with Jake I stumbled upon the crazy awesome world of “pregnancy boxes”: boxes of free items and samples for new and pregnant moms. A ton of companies will give you free swag just for being pregnant (and obviously in hopes that you will buy more stuff). We took advantage of all the freebies we could find and it helped us through the first 3 months of Jake’s life and a few of the items we still use over a year later! So below are my favorite (and FREE) pregnancy freebies!

  1. BabyList
    Babylist is a really cool baby registry website that lets you sync all your registries onto one place AND it lets you put items from websites that don’t have registries like your favorite boutique baby clothing store. All you have to do is create a registry on the Babylist website and post one of two items on it. I didn’t even share the registry with anyone so it took me a total of 5 min. This was one of my favorite freebies. The items are high quality and not always just samples. We ended up getting a free onesie and a sun hat (which Jake still wears!) amongst all the samples.
    Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 9.51.08 AM
  2. Amazon Baby Box

    Amazon’s freebies were honestly the BEST and valued up to $35.  However, its a little bit more complicated to get them… You need to do the following:

    • Create your Amazon Baby Registry.
    • Sign up for Amazon Prime’s free 30-day trial.
    • Add products to your Baby Registry.
    • Purchase $10 worth of eligible products from your registry (or have someone by something off your registry… which will happen the second you have a shower)
    • Claim your Welcome Box!

    This Box contained a lot of cool items but the highlights for me were a muslin swaddle and an Avent 4 oz bottle. You can check out The Gentle Nursery’s blog on what they got in theirs for more proof that going through the extra steps is totally worth it!
    Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 10.03.08 AM

  3. TargetScreen Shot 2019-08-24 at 10.09.06 AM
    This one is SUPER easy to get. All you have to do is make is registry online or in store (which most people do anyways) and go to the Guest Services desk and ask for your free gift. BOOM. They claim it’s $80 worth of stuff, and though I wouldn’t say I was disappointed, some of the items require you to contact the company directly and pay shipping to receive…. is that really free? HOWEVER, I still got a ton of great samples as well as full sized products like a Dr. Brown Natural Flow bottle (which are NOT CHEAP) and it comes in a cute reuseable tote bag. So Target… you did good.
  4. Buy Buy Baby
    Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 10.35.51 AM.pngJust like Target, all you have to do is make a baby registry (you really just have to add one item, they don’t even check) and then go to Guest Services to collect your goody bag. Honestly… I wasn’t a fan of BuyBuyBaby’s bag and with the nearest location being 25 minutes away, it wasn’t worth my time. BUT it did have some good samples and gives you a coupon.
  5. The Baby Box Co.
    Ok… so I’ve gotten a couple looks for this one but I promise you, it’s awesome. The Baby Box Co. provides FREE literal baby boxes. To sleep in. Having your baby sleep in a box next to your bed is the norm in Finland (the hospital gives you a box when you leave with your baby!)  but in the U.S. people think it’s weird. The website explains the history the best so he is an excerpt:

    A Baby Box is a Finnish tradition dating back to 1938. In the 1930s, Finland was a poor country and infant mortality was high. Enter: the Baby Box program—a state led initiative to give expectant mothers the tools they need to raise a healthy, happy baby. And, it works! The initiative, which enables every expecting woman in the country to get a Baby Box once she receives prenatal care and parenting information from a healthcare professional, is credited with helping to decrease Finland’s infant mortality rate from 65 deaths for each 1,000 children born in 1938 to 3 deaths per 1,000 births in 2013.

    Well, the Batir Family has never been a normal family and we eagerly signed up for our free baby box and mattress and Jake slept in it for the first 4 months of his life until he outgrew it. img_9618.jpg
    This one isn’t the easiest to get (we were DETERMINED). You have to watch a few videos on the BabyBoxCo website that teaches you baby safety and then you have to pick your box up from one of their local partners. It also comes with some free samples so needless to say, we were pumped.

There are more ways to get freebies like diapers and kids books, but these were my favorites and the ones I deemed worthy of my time. No shipping costs, no subscription sign ups. Just all American free stuff! If you find any other cool freebie boxes, let me know! I’ll definitely be signing up again for kid #2 when that happens. ENJOY!

Batir we go to EarthX!

Batir we go to EarthX!

Most people consider us a ‘granola’ family. We compost, recycle, make our own baby food, use cloth diapers, wear natural deodorant, have a urban garden, backyard chickens, etc. So obviously, us going to Fair Park to spend a day at EarthX 2019 is a no brainer. I tried to no avail to get friends and coworkers excited about this annual event, but not a lot people know what to expect. So let us show you! Welcome to a day at EarthX 2019!


EarthX is the LARGEST ‘environmental experience’ in the WORLD! Right here in Dallas, Texas and it’s free! Usually aligning with Earth Day (this year it’s April 27th & 28th), Fair Park is taken over by planet-friendly vendors and environmental enthusiasts dedicated to helping the average earthling better understand how they can make a positive impact on the planet. PLUS, they give out a ton of free goodies to help you do so.

We started our day at Big Tex’s house. He isn’t there when the Fair isn’t going on but


it made a great meeting place to rendezvous with my mom who decided to join us. Then we headed to the main exhibition hall which is full of over 200 vendors!

Though overwhelming, this is where you get your goodies. Joe likes to talk to every vendor and sign up for giveaways, raffles, you name it… which can take quite a while but when he comes back with free stuff, I can’t blame him! Check out the slideshow below to see just a taste of the stuff you can get throughout the park:


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Next, we checked out the tiny house exhibit. There are a group of tiny houses on display that people actually live in full time. As you tour their home, you can ask them anything you like from how much the house cost to how they are able to fit everything they need in such a small space. There was a family of 7 that converted a school bus into a home for $20,000! That’s crazy!


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Next, it was lunchtime, so we headed toward the food trucks. On the way, we passed by some goat yoga. Still don’t understand what the hype is but the yogis seemed to be enjoying it.


There are a ton of food options for you to choose from and they usually have a lot of vegan and veggie friendly trucks there if you are interested in trying something different. We grabbed chicken and waffles because, why not? We set up Jake’s portable highchair and let him snack on some blueberries while we munched away.


Painted rocks from Grandma!

With our bellies full, we did a final walk around, got some free Tehuacan carbonated water (the new Topo Chico) and headed home. Since Jake is so young, we weren’t able to fully appreciate all the kids activities they have at EarthX. The entire Food & Fiber pavilion is full of arts and crafts, hands-on science experiments, and there are even animals to interact with. Another thing we love about EarthX is hearing from different vendors on new technology, cool new products, and updates on what’s new in DFW. Here are a few highlights:


There was this portable/instant/biodegradable grill that was really cool. For only $15/piece (2 for $20 at EarthX), this grill heats to 600 degrees in only 5 minutes and burns for almost 6 hours, allowing you to cook a full meal and have heat left over for smores. We thought this was such a neat idea for camping because it doesn’t require any clean-up. You can either throw it away or use it as kindling in your bonfire.

Coca-Cola has had a tent for the past two years showcasing what the company is doing to to be more sustainable. That’s cool and all but the thing we love about their tent is that they give away free rain barrels used from old corn syrup containers! A standard rain barrel can run anywhere from $60-$100 dollars so this freebie is definitely the best one at the convention.

We also stopped by Texas Outdoor Family’s table. Texas Outdoor Family teaches families the basic outdoor skills needed for a great camping trip. TOF is run by Texas Parks and Wildlife and after surveying the park visitors, they realized that the typical park campers are middle aged white men, which isn’t the best representation of the demographics of Texas. But camping can be intimating to families. Either they don’t know where to go or they can’t afford all the gear. So the TOF program encourages families to get outside explore all the awesome parks we have in Texas by providing all the gear you need and all the park fees for only $65 per family for the weekend. They even have a bunch of cooking supples you can pick through to make your camping trip a success. You just return everything when you are done. As avid campers ourselves, we thought this was a really neat idea.


Overall, it was another successful year at EarthX. Tomorrow is the last day so be sure to check it out! Register online for free at their website ( or pay $5 at the door. And remember, it doesn’t take much to be more planet-friendly. Reducing your carbon footprint just a little bit makes a world of a difference. Happy Earth Day, earthlings!