“Welcome to… Jurassic Park!”

“Welcome to… Jurassic Park!”

Our son Jake is a huge fan of Jurassic Park. All five of them. At barely 2.5 years of age, he has somehow become obsessed with the film franchise. He absolutely loves all things dinosaurs, has asked us to call him “Tim” (Dr. Hammond’s grandson from the original movie), and has us play the theme song on repeat. So like all parents of an only child, we went out of our way to make his wildest dreams come true… on a budget. Now we are not the first ones to do this. With a simple google search, you can find a ton of really cool ‘Cozy Coupe Makeover’ ideas. We read a few different blogs from people who went with the Jurassic Park idea and took our own stab at it.

For around $35 (spare the change), we were able to turn our Little Tykes Cozy Coupe into a Jake-sized Jurassic Park Jeep and here’s how:

First you will need the following items:

-2 cans of tan spray paint
-1 can of red spray paint
-sand paper
-two Jurassic Park vinyl stickers
-painter’s tape
-trash bags and cardboard (optional)
-a Cozy Coupe (if you don’t already have one)

See instructions below:

Step 1: Sand down the Cozy Coupe and clean off any debris.

Step 2: Cover the wheels and the steering wheel with trash bags to keep them paint-free.

Step 3: Use the tan paint to paint the coupe (we suggest two coats). Let dry for an hour or two.

Step 4: Using painter’s tape, tape off the red stripes of the jeep.
(You will also need to cover the body of the car with trash bags or cardboard to keep the red spray paint from spraying onto the tan portion of the cab.)

Step 5: Attach the stickers and viola! You are ready to get attacked by a T-Rex, try and escape the velociraptors, or simple stare in awe as your set your eyes on a brachiosaurus (with the theme song in the background of course!).