My Top 6 Disney Leading Men

My Top 6 Disney Leading Men

Or more appropriately titled, “My Top Animated Male Characters from Disney/Dreamworks Movies”, but the former is shorter. So I was reading an article on HelloGiggles where a blogger listed her Top 5 Disney men and I disagreed with 4 out of 5 of them (Peter Pan, really? Its basically pedophilia.). So I decided to come up with a list of my own. I have chosen 6, yes 6, (I never could just think of 5) of my favorite animated leading men. Here they are:

6. Thomas from Pocahantas

I really wish we saw more of him. He’s cute, young, honest, and has the voice of Christian Bale. Yes, that’s right, Christian Bale. Apparently he is seen more in the sequel. I must rent it….
5. Garret from Quest for Camelot

If you’ve never seen this movie, go rent it right now. If you can’t find it (its kind of rare) I’ll let you borrow my copy. Its pretty awesome AND features Gary Oldman as the villian. So Garret is the leading man of this movie. He is sweet, loves natures, brave, and very independent. But there is a catch: he’s blind. I think this problem is somewhat endearing, especially when he sings “I Stand Alone” (I strongly suggest you look it up on YouTube). Despite him being quite a  genuine person, his blindness has caused him to be a bit bitter but he gets over it in the end.
4. Moses from The Prince of Egypt

This is seriously such a great movie. Plus, weirdly enough, it portrays Moses as somewhat of stud. He’s pretty cute and romantic in a biblically traditional sense (which I love). He is so high on my list due to his leadership skills and the fact that he is a man of God. Fun Fact: He is the only character who actually existed. I’d follow him into the Red Sea any day.

3. Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid

Seriously, why didn’t Disney give this guy a song?! I waited the whole movie for him to sing a duet with Ariel, but no. Thanks a lot Disney. Thankfully, when the movie hit the Broadway stage a couple years ago they gave him some songs, which are awesome. Seriously, this guy meets all of the Disney Princes. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and loves the girl, not because of her looks, but because of her talent. Plus, he’s like super patient with her when she’s mute. Not many guys would try so hard to get to know a mute girl.

2. Aladdin from Aladdin

Need I explain anything? He’s got a bunch of street smarts, loves Jasmine as a poor homeless lady, and basically roundhouse kicks Jafar in the face. However, his dishonesty, dreams of riches, and discontentment with life keep him from the #1 spot. PLUS, he is played by Steve, DJ’s boyfriend, from Full House!

1. Dimitri from Anastasia
I could watch this movie all day long. I LOVE Dimitri. He is definitely the hottest animated character in existence. He is charming, got a lot of street smarts, resourceful, brave, protective, and , most importantly, he is one of the only animated characters who has some character development. He is definitely flawed, he is a con-artist, but shows remorse for his actions and learns from his mistakes. Plus, I love that he appreciates the fact that Anastasia is an independant young women. LOVE HIM.