Twins and What they Mean for the Abortion Battle

Twins and What they Mean for the Abortion Battle

I recently came across an article about twins. Being a twin, I have always been fascinated by twins and how they relate to each other, especially as kids. We tend to not realize how crazy awesome it is to be born with your best friend. The article I stumbled upon was fascinating! Researchers at the University of Padova have been studying how twins relate to each other in the womb. They have discovered that twins begin to socialize with each other around 14 weeks, stroking each other and reaching out for each other (even through the uterine wall!). As I continued reading, I was hit by the notion that 14 weeks isn’t very old… so out of my curiosity I googled first trimester abortions. 14 weeks. The end of your first trimester. First trimester abortions are the most common abortions but second trimester (and in some states, third trimester) are performed every day.

Here is the typical first trimester abortion procedure:

“When you are fully relaxed, the doctor, health educator and/or doctor-in-training, will ask you to undress from the waist down and put on a patient gown. Your support person can be right next to you for the whole procedure.

During the procedure, the doctor will:

1. Use a speculum to view inside your vagina
2. Clean your vagina and cervix with gauze soaked in soap
3. Apply numbing medication to your cervix
4. Dilate your cervix, the tight opening to your uterus, with thin metal rods
5. Insert a narrow flexible tube into your uterus
6. Apply gentle suction to the other end of the tube to remove all of the pregnancy tissue

Toward the end of the procedure, you may feel a cramp that feels similar to a menstrual cramp in your uterus, as it is shrinking down to its usual size.

Most of the procedure time is spent preparing your body for the procedure. The suction portion only takes about a minute and the entire procedure takes around 15 to 20 minutes.”

“Pregnancy tissue”. Tissue. Despite the fact that we have proof of babies interacting and socializing in the womb, they are still considered just tissue. And in a matter of minutes, they’re gone.

I am all for women having rights and the right to their body. No one should be able to force you to do anything against your will. But a baby is not just part of your body. It’s a person with rights of its own. It has a personality and it hasn’t even breathed on its own yet. In fact, “new research suggests that babies began to absorb language when they are inside the womb during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy — which is earlier than previously held” (Web MD). How amazing that babies begin to learn and absorb language when they are just the size of a prune!

I know that the abortion battle is a tough issue. With so many emotions on either side, so many difficult choices, and regrets, this issue may not be solved for a while. But the more we learn about the stages of pregnancies and fetal development, the more the truth shines through. And that’s all that matters.