The Most Interesting Boss in the World

The Most Interesting Boss in the World

Just a few interesting facts about my boss at my previous internship:

He freestyles with James Marsden.

Holds multiple deep sea fishing records (got one when he was 6).

Hung out with Owen Wilson and unknowingly got him drinking again. next thing he heard, Owen Wilson was back in rehab for alcohol abuse and had tried to kill himself.

He helps import leather from Africa for textiles…

Has a scar on his chest caused from the barrel of a gun from his music production days in the Dallas rap world.

Owns the rights to 6 screenplays.

Had a reality TV show pilot about his life.

He sold a rare book and it was then featured on PawnStars.

Collects rare books (mainly John Steinbeck and Hemingway). Rare book stores call him when they are low on inventory.

Knows Ray Bradbury and calls him by his first name.

Knows a scottish pop star and is going to ask her to show me around Scotland when I go at the end of May.

Was given a publishing deal for his autobiography but turned it down to create his own publishing company.

He was asked to be a lead on “Most Eligible Dallas” but declined.