the Best Enchiladas Ever

the Best Enchiladas Ever

So for those of you who don’t know, I am currently interning at bigInk PR with their real estate services division. bigInk caters to restauranteurs in Texas, primarily in the DFW area. I get to shadow their tenant rep who finds space for some pretty trendy eateries (and by “shadow” I mean I get free food at a bunch of really cool places! Some new some familiar). So I have decided to share my foodie knowledge with the inter-web. Thus begins my first of many posts on restaurants I’ve visited and LOVE.

We begin with BEE Enchiladria, or the BEST ENCHILADAS EVER (thats actually what ‘BEE’ stands for, no lie). This place is located in Oakcliff but totally worth the possibility of getting caught up in a gang war! I kid, Oakcliff really isn’t that bad of a locale, especially the Bishop Arts District (which is pretty swanky). Just imagine a WhichWich and Chipotle mixed together and VIOLA! You have BEEs! You order your enchiladas just like you’d order a sandwich at WhichWich, customizing them to your heart’s content. Notice that I said THEM. For just $6.99 you get two customized enchiladas, rice, beans, and a side of chips and salsa! Perfect for a college kid on a budget, AKA: ME. Customization is an understatement. This place lets you choose EVERYTHING. You choose the type of tortilla, filling, and sauce. Its also vegan/gluten-free friendly and make everything in-store except for the tortillas.  And they don’t stop there. After your food is customized, you go through the Chipotle-like section where you choose your toppings from a large array of different items. Then , VIOLA, its time to eat. The menu has way more than just enchiladas. You can get tacos, burritos, or a salad for a great price!

The owner, Monica Greene who is a pretty happen’n lady and well-known in Dallas as a restauranteur. She actually went to SMU! Interesting fact: The word “Enchiladria” doesn’t exist. Monica invented the term and copyrighted it.  So she is the only one who can use it! Its the only Enchiladria in the world. If you want to hear more on this interesting ‘lady’, let me know…

The staff at BEE is super friendly. The first time I went they catered to my every whim! Even serving me homemade sauces they just whipped up for me to taste. Super awesome. Plus, their mascot is adorable! There is even an employee who has his very own bee mustache! If thats not a good enough reason to go then I don’t what is ;).

Overall, I was very impressed. I’ve been twice thus far and am going tomorrow night for dinner. If you ever want to go give me a call and I’ll totally come with!