My Top 5 Musical Men

My Top 5 Musical Men

In two days, I will be glued to the television screen. Why, you may ask? Because, my friends, this Sunday is the 2012 Tony Awards; AKA: theater geeks’ Super Bowl. Sunday night is the night my theatrically deprived soul lives vicariously through the monologues, musical performances, and jazz hands featured on this 2-hour broadcast. Not to mention the fact NEIL PATRICK HARRIS is hosting! AGAIN! So, in honor of this important day, I have decided to list my Top 5 Musical Men (AKA: the men I wish were real so I could marry them.) along with video proof of their awesomeness.

5. Curly McLain (Oklahoma)

Everyone loves a country boy. And this guy is sweet, romantic, funny, and fights for his woman. Not to mention the fact that he sings one of the most romantic songs ever written (Just go to 3:50 on the video).

4. Jimmy (Thoroughly Modern Millie; the movie-musical, not the stage musical)

Jimmy appears to be a nerd on the prowl for a lady-friend but it turns out (SPOILER ALERT) he’s actually a mega-millionaire looking for someone to love him for who he is and not his money. He is polite, quirky, smart, and doesn’t care what people think about him. PLUS, he has mad dance skills 😉

3. Hugo Peabody (Bye Bye Birdie)

Hugo is a classic boy-next-door who meek, humble, and sweet as apple pie. What put him on this list though is his chivalry and old fashioned-ness. Did I mention he rocks the cardigan?

2. Motel (Fiddler on the Roof)

Fiddler on the Roof is my favorite classic musical of all time so its only natural that one of the characters make it on this list. Motel is a poor tailor who grew up with Tevye’s (the main character’s) older daughter, Tzeitel. They pledged their love for eachother as children and have to face the grim realty of arranged marriages in hasidic Jewish culture. However, Motel (with some aggressive encouragement from Tzeitel) stands up to Tevye and the match maker, declaring his love for Tzeitel and proclaiming that, “even a poor tailor is entitled to some happiness!”. LOVE HIM.

1. The Pontipee Brothers (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers)

Any of them. They are all amazing. These backwoodsmen had very little to do with women due to the fact they lived miles away from town on their farm, working their butts off. They were scruffy and rude until their sister-in-law moves in and refines them. Then these diamonds in the rough turn into the most chivalrous, mannerly, kind, and considerate men you could find in the Ponderosa. I love them so much, I married one of them. 6 times! Ok ok, so I didn’t actually marry them. I had the opportunity to be in this musical as “Liza” who marries Dan Pontipee (I’m in blue).

Little Known Facts About Me

Little Known Facts About Me

  • ‘Oh, Darling!’  by  The Beatles is my favorite song. I will belt it whenever I hear it. Try me.
  • My favorite musical of all time is Fiddler on the Roof. Out of my list of dream roles I’d like to play on stage, Tzeitel (the eldest daughter) is #1, followed by a bride in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, which I got the chance to play in 2007.
  • I play with my food: I am known to make pictures, people, and designs using the food on my plate. At weddings, I make a bride and groom out of my leftovers.
  • I have had the same ringtone since sophomore year of high school. It’s ‘Wouldn’t it Be Nice?’ by the Beach Boys. I’m so used to it that I will answer my phone when I hear the song come on the radio.
  • I ran for President of McKinney North High School’s International Thespian Society Troupe and tied, then after a re-vote I lost by one vote. Still kind of bitter about that…
  • I have a re-occurring dream featuring Nick Jonas. I am not obsessed with him or any other Jonas Brother and am quite confused as to why he visits me so often…
  • I didn’t start wearing make-up until the end of my sophomore year of college. I still only wear eyeliner and mascara. If I tried anything else I’d probably look like a circus clown.
  • I have a birthmark on my neck that Haley doesn’t. It’s kind of faint so we’ve never used it to help people tell us apart.
  • When the time comes, I’d like to give birth naturally and without an epidural (When I actually do go into labor I may change my mind, ha).
  • I’ve taken five years of sewing classes. I can quilt, embroider, mend, cross-stitch, etc. However, I never learned how to knit.
  • I can remember every occupation I ever wanted to have in chronological order: mother, detective (more specifically, Nancy Drew), Broadway actress, civil rights activist, forensic scientist, geneticist, computer technician, business woman, stock broker, real estate broker. The one job that never never changed was mother.